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Blame the damn cops for everything

They Say when you don't have words of your own, use somebody else's. Since i don't have much to say, here's a great article By Anshul Chaturvedi (Courtesy: Times of India).

"India's status as the world's largest democracy is undermined by a police force that thinks it is above the law," says Brad Adams, Asia Director of Human Rights Watch, in a recent report.

I disagree.

I think India's status as a democracy - irrespective of size - is firstly undermined by a political class that thinks it is above the law, by an administrative machinery that thinks it is above the law, and - going by how upset they are at being asked to divulge their financial assets - a judiciary that thinks it is above the law, too. The cops are way, way down the line. And, oh, incidentally, along the way, they get shot, too. None of the others run that risk.

We have made a culture out of branding men in uniform. The local police, the central paramilitary forces, and whenever…