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Moment of truth ...

Guns are locked n loaded, missiles have acquired targets and are ready to fire, fingers are relieving nervous tension by fiddling with the buttons that will unleash the horror,bombs are ready to be dropped. Everything is silent. Silent before the big moment. Waiting for the order. One command that will unleash hell. One voice that will forever alter the landscape of a nation and the destiny of it's people. An order that will condemn thousands, hundreds of thousands to death.

How does a man ever get himself to give that order? How can anyone in their rational mind go ahead at that moment and do it? How does one decide the value of one human life against another? And finally how does one sleep at night after making that decision?
How is that hands don't tremble while firing guns at brothers? How does one detach himself from the carnage all around?
It would take a rational man a very very strong reason and his entire will to force himself to take such a step and even then he'…

True ... one way or the other...

My favourite quotes. Some i live by,some i believe in, some i agree with and others i see a profound truth in.

"Men prefer to believe what they prefer to be true."
"The greatest dare is to speak the truth"
"Never let your schooling interfere with your education"
"You'll always regret things you did not do more than things you did"
"Experience is the name we give to our mistakes"
"One should love his country more than his family,his humanity more than his country"
"It's easier to fight for your principles than to live by them"
"Not many things matter much, and very few things matter at all"
"Never judge someone before walking a mile in their shoes"
"Humility, Respect and Honor : no matter what becomes the fate of man, these three virtues
will never lose their due importance"
"Humility in success and grace in defeat : these are the hallmarks of a real man."