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The land that lived up to the hype ...

I have to admit, the thought of a family trip to Switzerland had me drowning in cliche' induced misery. Growing up on Bollywood staples, Switzerland represented an ever present, over used and completely cliche'd destination of choice. I had serious reservations about visiting the Yash Raj land, Afraid all the spots worth seeing had already been reflected in one Bollywood pot boiler or another.

So it was with much inner turmoil that I agreed to go along to the cheese capital of the world. And yet, surprise surprise, the natural beauty of the place seen in flesh and blood surpassed anything I could have imagined even if I was enthused about the trip. I've tried to capture the sense of the place in a few images that continue to leave me in awe ... Truly a magical place. Needless to say, the trip served up a welcome reminder to not let cliche's rule my world.

Steve Jobs .. and Apple's failures post his demise

Tim Cook has just launched the Apple Watch. His first new product category launch post Steve Jobs and all it did was highlight just how important a role Steve played at Apple.

For such a large company, it's incredible just how reliant they were on Steve's Autocratic, all encompassing control. To me, the Apple watch launch is the definitive example of how they're missing his leadership and decision making. Here's why I believe this product would not have launched in it's current shape under Steve Jobs:

Technological Overreach - Steve was great at understanding the technological trends and leveraging them at the right moment to stay ahead of the curve while never letting the customer experience suffer. The dropping of the floppy, Flash and the CD drive are but a few examples. Apple consistently made gutsy calls on what didn't go into their products based on technology trends. In each case, their decision was ground breaking but also based on availability of someth…