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Just Wondering ...

i've had a little bit of very very precious time on my hands in the last few minutes and i was just browsing a few blogs when it struck me that a lot of them were by people ranting about stuff ( i mean it in a good way) ... people taking up positions and opinions. Looking at life through much more realistic and questioning eyes than whats on display on the street.

Just wondered if its a case of a heightened sense of being when it comes to blogging. Does a personality change occur in normal everyday people when they blog. People who in ther everyday lives dont complain, who lead quiet, fuss free lives and do not concern themselves with problems beyond their immediate desires. Do they turn into passionate, concerned individuals who cast a questioning eye on society and pose often-profound and deep questions into the everyday happening in this world?

I guess my question is this : ( and the answer depends pretty much on your view of humanity i guess)
"Are there concerned citizens …

The Idea Of Heaven??

The concept of the existence of a heaven and a hell is, as we all know, an almost universally acknowledged concept. One of the few common points among all the varied religions in this world. All religions seem to peddle the idea of eternal happiness in heaven for the ones with 'faith' and the followers of the 'good' path. Obviously the ones who choose to differ are threatened with eternal condemnation to the depths of a fiery and ghastly hell.

Religion, or lets say formal religion, has been often thought of as the perfect tool for mass human control. A prison for the mind. That idea is not new. A lot of thinkers have followed those lines of thought and come to the same conclusions. The idea of heaven and hell, that promise the sweetest of rewards and threaten the most dire of consequences is not only a perfect idea, but infact a necessary tool to achieve that sort of control over men. Some people are influenced by greed and those few who don't succumb to the lure of…