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Media and Responsibility

It was reported in the last couple of weeks that India successfully launched a new satellite into orbit.
The accompanying news report mentioned that the satellite, named the GSAT-12, would aid television broadcasting, tele-education and tele-medicine programs and village resources. It went on to list mundane details like the satellite's apogee and perigee and it's exact weight. This is where the report ended. A routine report of a routine satellite launch. I'd seen dozens of nearly identical reports before and didn't give it much thought.

And yet, somewhere in the back of my mind, the monotony of the report and it's unchanging content bothered me. Yes, we are in the 21st century and satellite launches are routine. Yes, we are approaching the dawn of private space exploration and tourism. However, space is still the sole preserve of a handful of nations and a satellite launch is still an extremely expensive endeavor. Each individual launch is planned for a specific…

Of foggy mirrors and cobwebs ....

It's been a long time since I've really been here. As I wipe the fog off of mirrors and try to reconnect, I feel a vague sense of being lost in my own house, not fully recognizing my own reflection. I know it's my house and I know it's me in the mirror, but the pathways and the lines feel somewhat unfamiliar, unclear.

Is this growing up? Is this feeling a measure of time or is it a measure of the distance travelled?

More importantly, what does it say about me if the overall accompanying emotion turns out to be a vague sense of grief?