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Dearest Pepper,

To my sweetest, loveliest, caring and loving companion of all times: I love you. I always will love you so very much. You gave me the happiest moments of my life ... your joyful demeanor, your always loving welcomes and your every sweet action ... will forever be with me. The pain of losing you is immense, i just hope that wherever you are .. you're in a place without pain and that you do remember me. I wish you could come back to me, cuz i would do everything right this time.. but i know its not meant to be.

So i'll just thank you for all the wonderful wonderful memories and all the millions of joyful moments, all your slobbering kisses and all your playful games ....
You truly brought a new light in my life ... and i'll cherish every memory.

Thanks pepper .. for everything ... please be happy .. We'll miss you ...


November 2004 - february 4th 2005.