The Idea Of Heaven??

The concept of the existence of a heaven and a hell is, as we all know, an almost universally acknowledged concept. One of the few common points among all the varied religions in this world. All religions seem to peddle the idea of eternal happiness in heaven for the ones with 'faith' and the followers of the 'good' path. Obviously the ones who choose to differ are threatened with eternal condemnation to the depths of a fiery and ghastly hell.

Religion, or lets say formal religion, has been often thought of as the perfect tool for mass human control. A prison for the mind. That idea is not new. A lot of thinkers have followed those lines of thought and come to the same conclusions. The idea of heaven and hell, that promise the sweetest of rewards and threaten the most dire of consequences is not only a perfect idea, but infact a necessary tool to achieve that sort of control over men. Some people are influenced by greed and those few who don't succumb to the lure of heaven, often do not have the courage to risk the wrath of the gods and be condemned to hell. Therefore, the concept of heaven n hell are almost perfect.

I say 'almost', because as strongly held and fundamental the beliefs of 'Heaven and Hell' are in todays world, they fall apart easily in the face of that oldest of human gifts : The much touted and significantly much less used gift of reasoning. A simple process of reasoning and logical deduction ( atleast in my mind) totally blasts the concept heaven to bits. Let me try to explain how i think of it( or try to apply some sort of reasoning to it).

My thinking is in the form of simple experimentation. You should try to follow the same thought process i have followed in the following lines (obviously with examples and ideas from your own perspective applied to the concepts i raise) and see if you come to the same conclusion i arrived at.

The proces is as follows: i began by posing a simple question to myself .. ( and you should do the same). The question is : "What would be heaven to me?". When i asked myself that question a number of things popped into my head .. ( as they must have in yours). I'll list a few down ..

1. Since it is a place of eternal happiness .. in order to be happy .. i want the people i share bonds with, people i share special relations with, to be there in heaven.
2. Obviously, if slash ain't there.. it ain't heaven.
3. Same goes for my sweetie 'pepper' and my family. They just have to be there.
4. There has to be great music, fulfilling to the soul.
5. There have to be beautiful scenaries filled with natural wonders.
6. Heaven must have great food. Now thats not even negotiable. (hey it's my idea of heaven and my list)

And a number of such things .. after all only then will it be heaven. I'm sure you've come onto your own unique lists by now.
Looking down my list, i realised the obvious ... my thinking went like this: "Wait!! Isn't this ..!! No it can't be!!! ... ofcourse it is!!!" ... and then the realisation dawned.

I realised that everything i wanted in my heaven, was right there with me in this life, on this very planet. And once i saw it that way .. no matter how i tried to alter the list... i always found it to be available right here, tucked away in little corners. Obviously, the simple generalization was easy to conclude. I found out that " SINCE ALL MY IDEAS OF HAPPINESS and thus MY IDEAS OF HEAVEN WERE BASED ON WHAT I EXPERIENCED IN THIS WORLD, HEAVEN COULD NOT CONTAIN ANYTHING THAT WASN'T RIGHT HERE WITHIN MY GRASP"
Simply put ... heaven's right here isn't it... all the happiness i can ever want .... its basis is right here. I dont get my idea of happiness from someplace else, then what can heaven offer me that i cant find right here?

So if and when i do end up at the pearly gates, it will be St. Peter doing all the explaining, making a sales pitch, convincing me on why i should choose heaven. I'm not too sure about how far he'll succeed.

So as i see it, firstly i dont believe in the concept of heaven and hell. I don't know whats in store after life. i am aware of only this one. I dont see any point in running around after a promised land that might not be there in the first place when i should be living and fulfilling the only life i DO know EXISTS. The only life i am aware of and can experience is this one ... i don't know whats in store in the future and there is no way of knowing. And yet i have this life .. passing away this very moment... one that i DO know exists, one i DO know i can experience and build and mould in any shape i choose. And even more importantly, even if heaven does exist, i've already realised that it has nothing to offer me that i can't experience and appreciate right here. Then why run after it? Thats where the whole concept blows apart.

If someone can please fault my hastily conceptualised idea, lemme know .. for i dont find a fault in my reasoning.

Isn't heaven the morning smell of coffee?
Isn't it the cold wet nose of a puppy?
Isn't it simply that exhilarating display in the sky each sunrise and dusk?
Isn't it the melody of a guitar? or a robert plant crooning for that matter?
Isn't heaven the feeling of being with someone and having a sense of peace within?
For me, simply being able to think this thought, being able to gain a little perspective of the profoundness of it....the feeling of knowing i am capable of thinking at those lines by myself... thats Heaven...
The real question now is ... what more can one want??


Colleen said…
Interesting blog. You write quite well!

I feel sorry for you though... I disagree with your views. I think there is a real heaven.

And I don't think that religion is used as a means to control people.

Well... perhaps it has been used that way --- but that is not it's purpose!

But I can understand your thinking too.

You are, of course, entitled to your opinion. :)

Take Care,
People are afraid of what they don't understand .. a simple universal truth!

And when they can't apply some kind of exact logic to an event, it scares them .. therefore the need to quantify everything and attribute a reason to it!

Go back to the early days .. primitive man.. rain, thunder, the sun, the stars, forces of nature .. and the poor guy doesn't know what's causing them! (not like we do today, thanks to all the scientists around the world) .. so he strributes them to some supernatural power (God!?) and inculcates a belief that if he keeps Him happy (all the ancient religious rituals), things will be ok!

Same reasoning .. applied to what happens when people die! Nobody knows and even all the scientists around the world put together can answer thath one .. but we as humans, can't deal with the unknown .. we have to know something.. anything!! Therefore the whole concept of life after death, heaven, hell .. etc ... just so that we have something to believe in ... just so that we don't have too many unknowns in our life ..

Think about it on these lines .. :)

Viv ..

PS : Great to see you're finally back to posting :) and btw, what happened to reading my blog !! ?? :o ;)
fanny said…
The truth is that the concept of heaven and hell that we so often believe a disguise of our own mindset. If we think (subconciously) we are doing something bad... we use this basic concept imbibed in us to direct us. But in the end..if we see the whole thing objectively...then is there any one person who could describe heaven without relating it to the very planet we live on ?
We perceive heaven as a place of peace ..away from the worldy chaos..yet that very peace can be found within.We choose to create a heaven or a hell for ourselves in our own lives. I can be poor and yet be happy and satisfied and feel that my home is like a heaven. I can be rich ..yet be dismal 'coz the world i deal with is like a hell. It's our perspective which holds the key to our belief. Men are often what they believe they are. The heaven we aspire for can be attained here...or nowhere. And who knows what happens after death ? When half the time we dont even know abt our own lives..aspiring for an unknown heaven like running a race ..leaving everything behind...for something which we know nothing abt...I think all that we get or dont get is an after result of our own deeds..n nothing else.
Manee said…
hey there is great to see you posting after such a time and though late,the depth and substance of this entry compensates the deferment.
No matter how many people agree or disagree with you,one thing cannot be denied-this entry is really thought provoking. It can make both the theist as well as the atheist re-consider his opinions...
After reading that part which describes how heaven is just the part of this earth we live on,we see it for real, a tangible truth, i couldn't agree more.My heaven, if compressed and moulded into one word,would be 'love'. Its funny how,of all things,we missed out on this while defining heaven. And I no more have the desire to see the theoretical heaven anymore. I have seen the heaven in my life and i bet the actual heaven can't be better! Its true, we need to kno,earth is just the conglomeration of hell and heaven so it lies in our own hands to choose and pick our choice...

i know ur kinda busy but it wud be gr8 if u could leave even a short comment on my blog...
urvashi said…
Hi furor..
i dnt noe..u even read my comments..i guess i commented once...well...its a beautiful entry...and it just propelled me to say..that yea..i respect ur thoughts..and d way u comprehended..the etherial heaven we all love to be in..take care.Enjoy life.

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