Tender words .. from another lifetime

"In the midst of fleeting moments and
the hustle-bustle of an ordinary day
I feel the magic called 'you' ;
the days of bliss, far and few.

I feel you in the first rays of
the new sun, awaking it's resplendent glory,
I feel you in haunting notes of a soulful tune;
in the happy end to a touching story.

I feel you in the calm of the silvery,
gibbous moon, teasing me to a cheery blush;
i feel you in the high of mouthing a warm brownie,
in the tang of the orange slush.

I feel you in my faith in god, and his light,
I feel you in the pain that jabs my heart just after a fight
I feel you in the smiles you bring to my face
I feel you in the higher power that sets my pulse to it's pace.

I feel you in the touch of the petal,soft and velvet;
I feel you in the wetness of the morning dew,
I feel you in the smell of the moist grounds just after rain,
I feel you in the lush green of stripped branches
beginning to get leaves anew.

I feel you in the lines running crisscross on my plams,
I feel you in the one small mole on my slender right wrist
I feel you in the dreams that brim over my eyes
I feel you in the feelings i've felt when with you....
'falling in vales...... and rising in mist";
in the audible, inaudible sounds escaping my lips
in the lights and shadows crossing my face
in my every aspiration,in my quest for things higher and deeper
in my run to win my own race
i feel you in my destiny, in future as it's meant to be,
i feel you in my heart, love... i feel you in me."


Snail said…
Very intimate.
Very personal.
AS said…
Adding more to my last comment.... :
I am speechless when I read this one, and touched, and smiling (for you and for myself :))

I too am lucky this time, just like you!

- Anjali
furor said…

Thanks so much.

I must come clean and tell you, these are not my words. I could never pen something as beautiful as this.
However, I was lucky enough to have someone in my life who did write these beautiful, intimate words.

Although that person is no longer in my life, I still feel blessed and lucky to have had that relationship and that experience.

I feel it was a great privilege to have been part of an experience that led to the birth of this ... no matter the reality of today ... it's something to be cherished.

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