Moment of truth ...

Guns are locked n loaded, missiles have acquired targets and are ready to fire, fingers are relieving nervous tension by fiddling with the buttons that will unleash the horror,bombs are ready to be dropped. Everything is silent. Silent before the big moment. Waiting for the order. One command that will unleash hell. One voice that will forever alter the landscape of a nation and the destiny of it's people. An order that will condemn thousands, hundreds of thousands to death.

How does a man ever get himself to give that order? How can anyone in their rational mind go ahead at that moment and do it? How does one decide the value of one human life against another? And finally how does one sleep at night after making that decision?
How is that hands don't tremble while firing guns at brothers? How does one detach himself from the carnage all around?
It would take a rational man a very very strong reason and his entire will to force himself to take such a step and even then he'd be devastated .... and it won't take much for a fool to do the same.

There has to be something deeply wrong in our way of thinking for us to allow such deeds. How do we as a people accept such things?How do we provide men with power to carry out these acts? And how do we still accept them and even idolise those same men?

As a virtue, we have carried patriotism to lofty heights it does not deserve. Is patriotism as we practise it today even worthy of being labelled a virtue? A sense of national pride is feebly justifiable but when it takes the form of war mongering and a thirst for blood is it even a human trait anymore?

The feeling of human solidarity must transcend the sense of patriotism that fuels angst among people....where was that lesson lost at that moment when the world was cast into flames?


hey that was great man . . . !!u can become sidney sheldon some day . .. !! You are fantastic . . . !!
aashi said…
Few people understand and appreciate the lofty standards of rationality you talk about.... fewer still practise it.Most are so afraid to see the truth.You're right "it won't take much for a fool to do the same".....but it's not just the fools,.... it's also true of those who are weaklings; who despite being discerning enough to sense the truth, close their eyes and initiate some big "wrong" ,justifying it with some fancy abstraction (patriotism among them) because they do not have steel to act against the popular perception among the ignorant.I think the biggest the principle and religion is universal humanism.... the rest either extensions or excuses (for not acting in accordance)
Anonymous said…
hmm very serious though i do think that no matter how much bloodshed may be involved and the conscience of a soldier always playing havoc with his reason, ultimately it all boils down to self defence ...if u don't kill them they will kill you:(
Beatrice said…
ok another thought-provoking post..u make me think like i ve never done before;)
but seriously it makes a lot of sense to us..n thats why v chose not to be soldiers..
but the post is really well written eh!ure cool
heylady said…
hey that anonymous is me:)
bhumik said…
"War remains decisive factor of human failure"......

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