Old cliche's and new ones

2005. Aspirations. Dreams. Hopes. Thoughts. Critical decisions. Life altering moments. Promises kept. Promises broken. Milestones reached. Milestones crossed. Bridges mended. Bridges passed. memories made. Memories relived. Pain felt. Pain caused. Pain assuaged. Experiences gained. Lessons learnt. lessons forgotten. Lessons applied. Habits picked. Habits kicked. Discover more about myself. Discover more to be discovered about myself. Love. Life. The works .... come to think of it ... whats new that the year brings? Then again .... whats not new ... new dreams .. new aspirations ... new hopes .... new experiences and finally new memories .... not much to look forward to ... or everything to excitedly wait for .... all's a matter of views. Pick yours.


Anonymous said…
The new year brings with it new hopes.... and newer enthusiam to pursue the pursuit of whatever we find amiss. Tomorrow is certainty worth the wait and looking forward to......else what is life, if not the desire to look ahead... into the future and carve out it's course by the power of will.May such will guide you nonu and you live the future you've dreamt of living. May you scale the heights you set your sights to, and revel in the company of loved ones; may you not face doubt..... and never cringe in fear..... in whatever you undertake,u never feel alone.... may you find some answers to the numerous questions you ask..... may you find faith.... may you find the one.....
Beatrice said…
Hi KP a very very happy new year to u too. may u get all that u ve ever dreamt of. here's wishing u all the best.
God bless u
Katelyn said…
You haven't written anything in a while. I look forward to your next post. Hope it comes soon!

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