kissing the rain ...

A darker shade of black..
or maybe a lighter shade of white,
a quiter place than a tomb..
or a place busier than my mind.

A night without darkness,
followed by days without sunshine.
Something's obviously missing,
seems impossible to find.

i recognise pieces of what i desire
yet the whole, is hard to define.
maybe it's a hard thing to describe
or maybe it just doesnt exist,
and all this is a waste of time.

i believe this quest if for forever
i fear it'll take longer than that to realize...


bhumik said…
U mean the quest for learning PHP?? or hosting your own website???? Dont worry we will do it...or u mean faster downloads????
fanny said…
forever is not long enough
not long enough to find ,
a place quieter than a tomb
or busier than my mind .

wat am i looking for
is it luv or is it pain ?
is it the music of the song
in the sound of the rain.
furor said…
fanny .. you're super cool ...
ritz said…
u shud think abt writing as a career....mind u um not jokin...dis entry rox
lavender said…
wowwwwww.............MIND BLOwing entry man!!!!!!!!!!! PS>>>> fannyz comment rox~!
XYZ said…
its here that i find myself everytime i get lost,,though how..i dont know..
furor said…
The meaning of this place was to serve as stops in the journey... rest places .. to stop and rest and ponder ... Some served their purpose better than others ....

And yes ..lets just say .. this is one of my favored stops too ... :) ..
sakshi said…
The closer I get to something I thought I wanted,the more I realize it isn't what I EXACTLY wanted..there are bits of what I want..but I can't seem to find all of em..together..and now it's just jumping from one thing to another..and another..
Fanny said…
Old music, familiar, comforting, disturbing.

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