A prayer for the Dead

For all those who have died,
in flesh and in thought,
here's a rememberance to you
one and all,
May it be peace you've found
and may you forgive the forgetful alives,
who're too busy to be rankled by the past ..

On behalf of all those wanton wanderers
too busy to look aft,
I take this moment to deliver
a prayer long overdue and past.
Take solace old warriors
for the dwelling you find yourselves in
is a place there is an escape not.
And soon with open arms it'll welcome
those like me who chose to remember
and those who simply forgot.

Hold no grudge my dear departed friends,
for you know only too well,
in this place and in this world,
a moment spent in thought of another,
is too valuable to expend.

So here i stand in folly
praying for my kind,
on behalf of all those too busy
and all those who simply forgot.


fanny said…
beautiful...silently moving...
chetana said…
read ur blog its truly wonderful and makes sense to me!!! WOW !!!
smriti said…
i m sorry for not being with you when u felt so lonely..
Manee said…
pains drips from every word...each line is penetrates the heart...as fanny said...silently moving.

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