To the Higher power out there ...

I’m at about 34,000 feet, experiencing an absolutely stunning spectacle in the sunset. To my left I see an endless plateau of clouds masked in gold by the setting sun. On my right, the clouds are higher, sheared by the wind into distinct layers, each enveloped in a different ethereal color. I see pinks and oranges and yellows and even a hint of a green. It’s unearthly. Strange and captivating. The clouds possess a glow as if pregnant with sulfur. It’s a picture of another world, far away and unrelated to this planet. It’s a peaceful setting, as peaceful as I’ve seen in all my days and it leaves me breathless.
Too soon the magic fades, the sun gathers in its blanket of light and becomes an ever dimming coin of gold. The clouds reluctantly give up the last hints of warmth and I find myself enveloped in violet. The magic is gone, replaced by a sense of cold that brings me back to the present. I’m left with a profound feeling of gratitude towards the higher being that created these wonders and then chose to let me experience them.

Soon enough a few stars decide to peak through and it’s the beginning of yet another act to this unending play………


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