The brotherhood of the 'cursed' ...

I 'collect' People. Simple as that. People tend to collect things they cherish. From marbles to crown jewels, people always tend to collect things that are precious to them. I happen to cherish people and 'collect' them. Of course I only collect a certain kind.
I collect people who have a certain outlook to this world. People who have similar questions about the way the world works. People who are cursed with the 'need to know' bug. People who cannot resist 'knowing', whatever the cost. People who are capable of thinking of things beyond their most immediate desires and people who try and look at things from different perspectives. I like knowing these people. I instantly recognise them and I cherish them. I place them in a special place in my head and never remove them from there. Because we share a common bond. Because we're part of a brotherhood. It's a closed field and not everyone is invited.
I believe in these people. I try and keep in touch with them. I try and keep track of their progress. Some of them don't even know I admire them. Some of them I haven't spoken to in years. Some of them don't see me in the same light. Some of them downright hate my guts. But none of it matters. What matters is the spark, the quality that i look for and if they possess it, I admire them and cherish them. And I feel happy when I think of any single one of them. I feel happy because my memories of them remind me that people with these 'qualities' exist. It reminds me that I've known them and I've had the good sense to recognise them and to cherish them.


Hey great work!
I can relate to the thought. Though I do not collect the same kind that you collect, but I do collect "people" just like you...
nice one too in the same biz and i guess mine is wholesale kinds so cant afford to be in the niche market!!!
you sound more like Dr. House than any person I know.

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