A letter to animals .....

hi, i belong to the human species . Stop. Before you go away in disgust listen to me . I'm here to do something my whole species has never done in its entire history . APOLOGISE . I don't know what kinda impact , if any , my words will have , but for my own selfish reasons , just to make myself feel better , i have to say this . I want to apologise on behalf of all of us freaks . My species is still not ready to even see its mistakes , let alone acknowledge them , but i see them . Atleast i think i do .
I understand that i inherited this earth as a common place , meant to be shared with 30 million other species . I understand that i , like everyone else , was meant to establish a co-existence with other inhabitants of this wonderful place . Its the most natural thing all of you do . Yet me and my species have failed to do that . A simple task that even the most benign and simple creatures manage to do instinctively was lost on us . We've gone along a very different path . We've had this illusion of control , of superiority , of extra ordinay intelligence that has lead us to believe we're invincible . We say nature (no no we prefer to say GOD) gave us intelligence as a tool for survival . sure i can go with that . But somewhere down the line , that intelligence somehow became a justification for absolute rule . Now it was looked upon as a superior force bestowed upon us to help us take control of this planet . Hah , and we , the same holders of that intelligence , can't define it .
Lets take an objective look at all our collective efforts today and their effect .

1.We've built impressive structures on the face of this earth and we look upon them and admire our genius . We take them as proof that we're the masters of this planet . After all , can any other species claim to erect structures of that complexity ? Can those dumb animals even fathom , the amount of intellect that goes into designing and building one of those fabled skyscrapers ? If a termite could talk , it'd put us to shame in a minute . All our technological might pales in comparison to the structures these mere insects create . And i don't even want to go into the kind of adverse affect our skyscrapers have on the environment .

2.We've also managed to reproduce at an impossible rate and infested (thats the only right word) every major landmass . Well that was meant to be .... after all we can eat and f@#$ at any time of the day or year ..... thats our only strength . Someone even said thats the only thing that separates us from dogs .

3.We've created huge stockpiles of weapons designed to kill us all . Many times over . So if you all were harboring any ideas of inheriting the planet once we fools blew ourselves to kingdon come ..... think again ..... we'll leave enough poison on this planet to take everyone with us and then make sure nothing ever takes our place again . We were very very thorough on that one .

3. We've managed to take greed to unimaginable levels and consumed every possible natural resource doing just that . We're digging ever deeper , cutting ever faster even as nature starts laughing the last laugh . The golden hen is dying ..... and we're too busy finding the eggs to notice . Intelligence we call it . Heck , we're not even dumb enough to be completely ignorant and atleast be able to say we didn't know . We're the dumbest creatures ever . We know exactly whats happening . so one fine day we'll look back and say "We say it coming and still didn't do anything about it " . hehe , if you think that'll be the day we realise anything at all , you're dumber than us . Cuz thats our only defining trait . We never learn .

4. Our biggest accomplishment has gotta be our collective thick skin . Just look at this , we've managed to poison every place we can think of . managed to destroy every habitat . Its gone to the point that we really have no place to go to and we're licking our lips thinking of mars next . Yet we just accept it in our stride . We see people wearing gas masks in downtown tokyo and take it in normally . We live in cities where we can see the sky has changed to a muddy and hazy picture of itself , showing greys and greens rather than blues and we accept it . we see rivers of black and not think twice about it . Our ability to destroy things is only managed by our insensitivity to the destruction around us . A perfect match if there ever was one .

The simplest of facts is , what we call our intelligence is utterly useless if it doesn't solve its primary purpose : to help us survive . And thats whats happening . I don't see the future of mankind as bright or dark . There simply is no future . Atleast not the way things our going . The irony of it all is ,we're intelligent ennough to see it coming , i'm sure we'll even set an accurate date to the demise of mankind and make it to the second .

I hope you see i am sincerely sorry for all the actions of my race . But wait , don't get your hopes high . Don't think that since i've acknowledged my mistake , i'll do anything about it . I belong to the same race remember . I'll go from here , content in the fact that i did SOMETHING and go on watching the blatant rape of everything around me . I'll even take part in it . Thats how i am , thats the legacy i inherited . Your fate is sealed with mine . We'll go out with a bang and take everyone with us . I can promise you that . Trust me , i'm human , i can count on my own stupidity .


Beatrice said…
is that really u ..i DID NOT know u think so much and about things like this one!!
fanny said…
i know there are now more people on this planet ecxept me who really care about other creatures . it really makes a difference

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