Corporate play of the beautiful kind...

I love football .. soccer ... the beckham game .. call it what you will .... its the universal human sport if there ever was any. I love it ... n like every other sport fan .. i hate that india suck at it. And unlike every other indian sport fan i simply don't accept the plethora of reasons we're given as to why we can't succeed. I'm the first to accept we suck ... and i'm the first to accept reasons provided daily as to why we suck ... but i absolutely refuse to accept or even listen to any argument that says we cannot stop being crap. We're 1 billion and finding 11 who can really really do well is not what i call impossible.
So rather than going into why we suck or if we can make it up there .... i'll simply give a new idea.
get the tata's and birla's of this country together ... throw in the vijay mallaya's , azim premji's and the narayanmurthy's and please invite the stupid sense of competition and one-upmanship that comes when these big-'shots' meet and tell them to shove it all up and listen . why dont we have all these head honchos actually compete on a total no-holds barred playing field for once ... we all know they're dying to show up the competition using any means ... why not ask them to use any means .. legal ... illegal ... whatever to get into place their own freaking football clubs and see who has the most muscle n moolah and the best management and lure to get the best talent n finally have a good decent football team in india . trust me .. there's nothing like a businessman's cunning ... n no matter how cunning politicians sitting in the sports ministry think they are ... they're sitting ducks compared to the guile of the market man ....

I'm sooo sure if this thing does get into motion .. we'll have people trying all sorts of innovative ways whose legality might be questionable but not the get good talent in ... i can already imagine mallaya or someone scouting talent in nigeria and getting them citizenship .. and i couldnt care less .. i want the corporate india to freaking start investing in this country's sport infrastructure and i dont mean sponsoring a freaking go-karting championship by that .

c'mon ... put your money where your mouth is .... and lets get this thing going .... the reliances n the Dr.reddy's of this world must make their contribution . its up to us to demand that from these big few . These big corporations fear nothing more than being in the bad books of the general customers and will do anythying to avoid that ... we're the golden hens they reap benefits from ...n if they have to provide the best chickenfood to us to keep us happily using their products(and thus generating the moolah) ... they will .... we only need to ask .... i can't smile at the beauty of the plan .... the sooner we learn the importance of customers to these guys ... the sooner we are in strking distance to the jugular .... and the greater these giants will stoop to do as we wish .

so lets get in there and demand that they give us that much ... to them its peanuts .. a million here a million there .... and it can make a huge difference ... lets get the corporate to get in and play the game of a beautiful kind ..... helping the beautiful game .... get a name in the beautiful land ...


s! said…
hi karan..

thanks for dropping by.. and thank you too vinnie for increasing my readership!! :-)) i like the idea you have here of corporate india taking over soccer.. maybe that will get india somewhere on the soccer map!

Beatrice said…
brilliant idea!now lets think about how to get these jackasses to actually do something abt it!

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